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Poe is a distraction free writing environment built by a writer for writers, for Windows 8 / RT. You can download it through the Windows 8 Store here


I've always used a distraction-free writing program to do my writing. I've used others in the past but when Windows 8 came along I found that the new full screen interface didn't really work too well with full screen apps for previous versions of Windows. Since I'm also into software development, I thought I'd just go and make one.


Poe is designed to be as simple as possible, but that doesn't mean it can't have some neat features.
Here's what it does:

Keyboard Shortcuts

The Name

Poe is of course named for American author Edgar Allan Poe, and the icon/logo is inspired by his famous poem The Raven


For support, please email me at support@roryok.com

or follow me on twitter: @PoeApp

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