Meteor Suck

Here's the text of a complaint email I sent to Meteor, maybe I was a little harsh but I'm having a bad day:


Dear Meteor

At least once a week I can't login to webtext because it tells me I have the wrong password. I re-enter it CAREFULLY numerous  times and it doesn't work until I get to the captcha. That's the first problem. The second problem is that every time I click web text I get a javascript error that says "Error 0 occurred processing" in a javascript alert box.

javascript alert box. Lets think about that for a minute. Anytime this nonsense error occurs, I have to click to get rid of it. In order for it not to come up, all you have to do is NOT call

alert("Error 0 has occured")

which is somewhere in your code. In fact, I'll tell you exactly where:, line 75.

That entire file is completely redundant by the way, as you can do ajax requests using JQuery, which is already called at the top of the page along with early_load.js and register.js, (which, it turns out, are two copies of the same file).

I'm paying you guys €35 quid a month for a service which already has awful signal coverage and barely passable 3G. Whatever eejits you have running your website, I must be a bigger one for staying with your network.

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2 comments on “Meteor Suck
  1. Ronan says:

    Did you ever get a response from Meteor? I get the Error 0 constantly when I access the site from abroad, this is very annoying and seems to prevent the Cabbage app from working.

  2. rory says:

    Hi Ronan. I got a response alright, but it wasn't helpful. It basically just suggested I was typing my password in wrong, and it ignored all the stuff about javascript, about 'Error 0' etc. When I followed up with them and re-iterated that I definitely was typing in everything correctly, they emailed me and told me my pin had been 'reactivated'. I asked them what this meant, and had it been deactivated. They replied that it had not been deactivated, but was "not input correctly" on their system. Again, this wouldn't cause an intermittent error, but I've given up on asking them.

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