Fifa 13

Using computer modelling software I've been able to predict the cover for next year's Fifa game :

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7 comments on “Fifa 13
  1. aaaaaaa says:

    hahahahha big moutr

  2. ahmmaad says:

    FRoM FIFA06 till FIFA12 Roony's Pic is on the cover of the game .. ?!

  3. boby says:

    no is not

  4. cheeeeeeeese says:

    really Roony he is so old why is he still on the cover

  5. dede says:

    rooney is one every cover! why not a change?

  6. Thomas says:

    His mouth his wide open in all of them, especially 13

  7. bob says:

    yeah, he signed a deal or something to be on every fifa game from here until he dies :(

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