The poor decisions of Jessica Jones

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I just finished watching the excellent Marvel / Netflix show Jessica Jones the other day. I liked the ending, but a couple of days later, something occurred to me…


Simpson wanted to kill Killgrave instead of capturing him. If Jessica and Trish had allowed him, all the following people would still be alive:

That’s 12 people, and I’ve probably missed a few.

There are a heap of other consequences of this decision. Luke lost his bar. Hogarth’s new girlfriend is in prison for murder. Simspon is a murderer, a fugitive, and has broken ties with Trish. Not to mention all the people who been irrevocable traumatised by what they’ve been through.

I really like the character of Jessica Jones, because she’s flawed. The best characters are deeply flawed, and it is in striving to overcome those flaws that we learn who they are. Flawed characters sometimes make poor judgement calls and learn from them. Yet I can’t help feeling that Jones has not learned anything from this experience. I’m anticipating that season 2 is going to be all about Simpson’s background, with his buddies forming the main villains for the season. Jessica will skip right over the learning part and continue making poor decisions.