Some fun Raspberry Pi projects

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I’ve got a spare Raspberry Pi Zero W sitting on my desk doing nothing, so today I decided to go looking for fun, easy Pi projects. Here’s a few I found which are a little different from the usual media player / arcade emulator / door opener projects you see all over the place.

Desk Projects

If you have a spare pi in your drawer but don’t want to leave the cubicle, these little projects are perfect.

Turn your Pi into a router proxy to block ads and other unwanted internet slime at the router level. In theory this would mean no more taboola links or ads on your devices without needing to install any kind of ad-blockers on the devices themselves.

Wireless Printer
If you’re anything like me you hoard old technology like it’s going to come back into fashion someday. I’ve gotten better lately, and thankfully I don’t have a shed full of old printers anymore, but if you did have an old non-wireless one, you could easily bring it kicking and screaming into the 2010s with this clever hack.

File Server
This makes an external harddrive accessible over the network, basically turning it into a fully functional NAS.

Audio Projects

There are a lot of audio projects out there, here are a few of my favourites

Audiobook Reader
I love minimalist controls, and you can’t get more minimalist than this single-button audiobook player. Press to play/pause, and hold down to skip to a previous track. Genius.

Turn an old amp into a wireless speaker
There are all kinds of airplay / google music / pandora radio rpi projects out there, but I like the style of this one.

Outdoor Projects

TimeLapse Dolly
RPi Timelapse camera setups are ten a penny, but this one has a dolly, so your timelapse shots will have that David Attenborough narrated BBC documentary feel to them.

Solar weather station


Touch screen car computer
Lots of folks out there are putting pi into their dashboards. I’d love to do this. I could fit my entire music collection on a single 128GB micro SD card, but my current car stereo can’t handle anything bigger than 8GB. I want to build one of these:

Extra Credit Projects

For the over-achievers of the world, here are some not so easy, but totally amazing projects.

CNC Wood Burner

Freely-arranged screens

Smart Mirror

Despite all these amazing links I’m full sure I’ll still be staring at an unused raspberry pi in a months time!