Windows 8


Distraction-free writing app for Windows 8 with lots of neat features like a writing timer, a wordcount goal alert, writing resources, autosave, spellcheck, custom themes and more.


Another distraction-free writing app, NaNoScribe does more than Poe, and focuses on helping people write for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)

Windows Phone 8


An auto-sorting list app for WP8. Listage focuses on speed of entry over all things. For example, you can use comments to add and split multiple items at once. Add “milk, eggs, bread, cheese” and Listage will split that into four items, saving you seconds each time.



A very simple piece of code which deletes empty playlists from Android MediaStore, left behind by some music apps. I wrote this back when I had an android phone. I don’t anymore, but I still get traffic from an old stackoverflow post I wrote about it.

Android Stuff (contains .apk) (contains source)


A local information site for Sligonians. I got tired of all the extra clicks required to get to the movie listings page of my local cinema, so I screen scraped the listings and put them in plaintext. Since then I’ve added a lot more local stuff like tide times, train and bus timetables, takeaway numbers and menus, bin collection times, pool timetables and more. has a small but steady following online.