Found this nice little in-browser editor through HN:

– Your thoughts are backed up directly to Chrome: no account or syncing.
– Here are some handy shortcuts for you. Take notes ⌘B, ⌘I, ⌘U, ⇧⌘S
– Choose Day 🌤 or Night 🌕 mode
– Count the number of characters 🔢
– You can print your note

It has most of the things that Poe currently does, and a few that it will have in the next version. It doesn’t save your work, so you must export it to keep anything you write. This is a fairly big hole in functionality, something that could be easily fixed by leveraging localStorage.

It’s pretty though, and I like how simple it is. Simple is good.

Instantly play any song on the web, without even knowing its name!


This little app is pretty neat. Finds songs by name or by lyrics, plays them in the browser. It sources them from youtube. Only ever had an issue with one so far – The Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil, which was set not to be embeddable.

Try it!

UPDATE on Monday, February 1, 2016: seems to have been taken down, presumably it angered the gods of music law. However, the source is still available on github if anyone is interested.