I’ve been meaning to convert my blog to a static site for some time now, finally took the plunge and exported all my wp content to hugo. Why? A few reasons Learning. Wanted to learn something new Efficiency. the whole point of static sites is to be less resource intensive. It’s not like I have such a huge volume of traffic that going static is going to save the planet, but it all helps.

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I wish I was one of those people who could listen to an audiobook while they work, but I can’t. I don’t know if it’s something unique to programming, or some inability of my brain to handle auditory multi-tasking, but I can’t read/write code (or much else) while also listening to human speech. Am I alone? I’ll bet I’m not. In Manish Sinha’s recent article, “What it feels like to be in the zone as a programmer”, he identifies the same issue:

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Electron is everywhere you look these days. As a developer seeking to build cross-platform apps, it’s very appealing. It’s free, easy to use and quick to develop with. It’s a very fast way to get an MVP (minimal viable product) to market. On the other hand, a lot of programmers who are smarter than me have a real issue with it. Every time Electron is mentioned online, you’ll invariably hear the opinion that Electron apps use 300+ MB of RAM and run like a dog floundering in molasses.