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Electron is everywhere you look these days. As a developer seeking to build cross-platform apps, it’s very appealing. It’s free, easy to use and quick to develop with. It’s a very fast way to get an MVP (minimal viable product) to market. On the other hand, a lot of programmers who are smarter than me have a real issue with it. Every time Electron is mentioned online, you’ll invariably hear the opinion that Electron apps use 300+ MB of RAM and run like a dog floundering in molasses.

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I’ve released a new app on the windows store, a universal / UWP app for counting words. It sounds silly, but I needed a way to count words on my phone, and there were no options. At time of writing there are three other wordcount apps on the windows store. One is full of horrific full page ads, one doesn’t work (on wp10 at least), and one is a paid app.

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