[microsoft speech voice windows-phone windows-phone-10 wp10]

Voice recognition on Windows Phone 10 Preview is terrible. To demonstrate, I’ve attempted to write the next sentence of this blog using it. Here’s every¬†attempt: It off and start it’s nothing stops halfway through a sentence. It off and stop Often stops halfway through president It often star It often starts at waitara send an It often starts at waitrose in It after Aften stop sao It often stops halfway through the It often It often stop sasha It often stops halfway through a sentence?

[edge microsoft software tech]

I wanted to use the “PressThis” button to post about something else quickly today (filesprout - awesome, check it out) but instead I ended up falling down a rabbit hole of trying to set up bookmarklets in Microsoft’s new Edge browser. There are lots of search results on this, but all ultimately point to the same article on how to hack this together. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me. When I alter the content of a URL link in favourites it just disappears from the browser.