My name is Rory, and I'm a full-stack developer, writer, and Lego fanatic

About Me

I’m a full-stack developer, with over 15 years industry experience and another 10 years hobby coding before that.

I live on the scenic west coast of Ireland, with my wife and four kids.

I work remotely. When I’m not coding or hanging out with the kids, I read, write, hike, build stuff from wood and play board games

  My Resume

Things I've worked on

Poe writer

Electron, Vue.js, Tailwind

The first distraction free writing app to grace the Windows Store. Poe was created in 2012 as a Windows 8 app and reborn recently as a cross-platform electron writing suite

Poe has multiple powerful features which are hidden behind a minimalist UI.

Role: creator, sole developer

Go, Coldfusion, Vue.js, Vuetify, TKO, Coffeescript, Electron

A project-management suite for client work with unrivalled project management functionality

Teamwork has been one of the leading SAAS success stories in the project-management space for a decade, providing a full set of tools to manage tasks, deadlines, resource scheduling, budgets and time management across multiple teams.

Role: Engineering manager, leading a high-performing and diverse team of engineers who own, maintain and improve the most crucial core app features.

Groupmail Insights

ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server, HTML/JS, Bootstrap

An email tracking and service for small to medium enterprise users of GroupMail's email marketing software.

Built in ASP.NET MVC 5, with a Bootstrap / JS frontend. The backend databases are built in SQL Server on top of Microsoft's Azure platform, and handle millions of requests per day.

This is a continuously evolving and developing project. It's gone through three complete iterations in the last decade, to take on new roles, add new features and handle dramatic increases in traffic.

Role: project architect, primary developer


Android, Cordova, Vue.js, Electron

A cloud based note storage platform similar to OneNote, Evernote, or SimpleNote. Flattnote differs in that the filesystem is entirely open. It syncs plain text files via a dropbox folder, which can be opened and edited by any text editor on any platform.

The UI runs in darkmode by default, and includes a wordcount, and some neat markdown shortcuts

Role: creator, sole developer

Everything else

Javascript, React, Electron, PHP, Python

Unitard A PWA unit-converter app which attempts to guess the target unit from the source

Listage Windows Phone smart-sorting task app. Emphasis on fast task entry. Items were automatically sorted into one of four lists - Shop (groceries), Desk (anything digital), Home (chores, oddjobs), Out (appointments, meetings, errands)

CalendarJenny generate calendar PDFs with optional events / dates from multiple sources

ASCII header VSCode extension to create ASCII header comments in code, to aid with code readability / separation

Random stars Randomised solar system, with names derived from mythology and shakespeare. CSS visulisation based on the work of julian garner but ported to Vue

Plan9 Track based drag and drop story planner / editor, written in react